Health & Travel Certificates

If you are travelling to another country or moving to a new state, your pet is required to obtain a Certification of Veterinary Inspection by a federally accredited veterinarian. Our veterinarians are accredited and able to examine your pet for specific animal health requirements. This is to guarantee the health and safety of your pet, as well as other members of society.

In order for your pet to be issued an Interstate or International Health Certification, a federally accredited veterinarian must examine your pet to ensure they are:

  • Healthy enough for travel
  • Disease-free
  • Parasite-free
  • Up-to-date on vaccinations
  • Endorsed by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

If you are travelling by air, we encourage you to plan ahead. Most airlines require a health certificate from your accredited veterinarian within 10 days of travel. If possible, we recommend travelling with your pet onboard with you. If this is not possible, the airline may also require an Acclimation Certificate to ensure your pet will be safe and treated humanely while in the air. There are strict regulations in regards to rabies vaccinations, microchips, blood tests, and parasite prevention. If you know you are travelling to a different country, let us know as soon as possible to best prepare you for your travels. Due to international regulations, this process can take months to complete.

All certificates that require endorsement must include your accredited veterinarian’s USDA certification number. Once you have completed all necessary paperwork, mail or directly bring the original form to your state’s Area Office for endorsement and stamping. Forms endorsed by Area Office have a fee, however more than one pet can be listed on one form. If you are unable to go to the Area office, we recommend using expedited services so you can track your delivery.

When you mail the forms, include the following:

  • The original endorsed form
  • Payment by Credit Card or Money Order
  • A self-addressed and stamped envelope so the form can be returned to you.